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In Memoriam     //

Beautiful memories silently kept...
Of those that we knew and will never forget

Doug Ebert | Board Member

Doug Ebert served as a Board Member for the Southern Teller County Health Services District for 8 years.   But, more than a Board Member, Doug was a true friend to and supporter of the residents and staff at the Cripple Creek Care Center. He was actively involved, on almost a daily basis, in the happenings at the Center.


For the 3 years prior to his death, he was the spearhead of the capital improvement efforts at the Care Center.  For each of the many projects, inside and out, Doug was the "go to" guy, and the one to "take charge" and get it done.  His contribution to our mission and lives was immeasurable.


Doug was born in northern Kentucky across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  After school he was drafted into the U.S. Army where he spent two tours in Europe and two tours in Vietnam.  After 20 years in the service he entered the automobile business in Colorado in 1986.  He worked his way up into management and in 1990 moved to Nashville, Tennessee to become president and general manager of the Nashville Franchise Dealer Association.  Upon retirement in 2004, he returned to Colorado and lived in Teller County with his wife until his death.  His only son, James lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.  Doug enjoyed animals of all kinds and, most of all, he enjoyed “life”.


Doug is survived by his wife, Jill, and his only son, James, who lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

                                                                                  June 27, 2015


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