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An important part of your decision for the care of yourself or a loved one might simply be learning what others have to say about their experience with Cripple Creek Care Center.  Here we share some of the comments that we have received from those whose lives have touched ours at our Colorado Mountain Home.

Cards and Letters //

Dear Cripple Creek Care Team,                                                     7/25/18

     Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your outstanding attention during my recent stay at your facility. There were so many of your employees who shared the similar concern regarding the fires that affected our area. They created an extra support group by giving updates and photos as they traveled to and from work.
     The compassion and care I received was so welcome for my physical well being knowing it was the only bed available. The CNA's treated me with uplifting smiles, patience, and clever assists to add to my comfort. Special thanks to Barbara, Tre, Lara, Bobby, Michela, India, Kayla, Mark,
Ashley, Casey, Haley, and Michael for responding above and beyond the basics. Life will never be the same without that whirlpool bath!
     Trisha and Joe put forth such efforts to build up my endurance and strengthen muscles not in use. Their expertise went a long way in readying me for tasks at home. I am grateful for continuing home care in this area.
     The Dr. Visits were a great surprise and as Sauger and Dr. Duncan were thorough and very generous with their time. They added confidence to my treatments.
     Of course a 24 hour facility has a culture all its own and I credit Jodie and Tonna with a brief and pleasant escape to the Double Eagle. It is evident that they provide varied social programs and advantages for all the residents.
     I would be remiss not to mention the efforts of those involved in providing nutritious meals.  Cooking and planning for over 60 residents with varying needs must be challenging. I was lucky to benefit from tasty choices, hot meals, and alternatives when requested. Kudos to the kitchens  staff.
     My first encounter was with Nurse Carol and there cannot be a finer emissary to welcome an incoming patient and spend a bus ride answering the obligatory questionnaire. She is such a positive image for CCCC. I'm sure you hold her in high esteem.
     There are others serving in capacities essential to your operation that I may not have met or saluted, but whose work is also valued. One of the interesting comments by employees that was often voiced was how happy they were to be working there. What a great tribute!
     I arrived safely to a home in tact with scars of burning 15 feet  from my front porch. I feel truly blessed all these events.
     Linda Crawford

note: Linda received care at CCCC while under mandatory evacuation from her home during the High Chateau fire.





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We are proud of the fact that we earned a 5-Star rating through the 2017-2018 State of Colorado inspection process.


You can be assured that everyone at Cripple Creek Care Center is committed to providing the best possible care in the best possible environment for your loved one.

You can search our ratings at

Cripple Creek Care Center

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